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Geog 1101 / Georgeta Stoian Connor Location Test 2: Place Names - “Africa” (Study Guide) Thursday, March 20, 2008 Countries Cities Cities/Capitals Water Bodies/Capes Algeria Cape Town Tripoli Gulf of Aden South Africa Alexandria Nairobi Mozambique Channel Egypt Casablanca Khartoum Gulf of Guinea Tanzania Johannesburg Nairobi Str. of Gibraltar Angola Dakar Lake Victoria
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Unformatted text preview: Madagascar Rabat Lake Tanganyika Ethiopia Tunis Lake Nyasa Nigeria Lagos Lake Chad Mauritania Dar es Salaam Cape of Good Hope Ghana Kinshasa Str. Bab el Mandeb Tunisia Pretoria Sudan Brazzaville Zambia Abidjan Gabon Accra Senegal Morocco Zimbabwe Namibia Guinea Liberia Ivory Coast Uganda Total 50 items Note : For Map Exercise: www.eduplace.com...
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