Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide We will be...

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Geography Study Guide We will be asked to id 20 places. 5 countries, 5 cities, 5 capitals and 10 bodies of water (no word bank) Human geog best described as? E both a and b Cholorpth maps represent a. tunal shadings Of the following tools of geo wich is most commonly ued?Maps are major tools of gorgraphers (d) Places being inetdependent means connected Topological space best rep in metro system The most important reason for colonization: need to increase productivity (a) Euopean inst got its start in : (e) britain This continent has small number of inhabitants: b) Australia, highest = Africa The bulge in age sex pyramid b/c of baby boomers The youth cohart . a too many young ppl in labor force Emigration: (a) involves move from location The term trail of tears : © forced migration of Indians Central and s. america have this religion: (a0 roman catholic About 50% of pop speech(D0 indo uropena For the grapher, ethnicity deals with: 9e) all of the above) Power differences btwn men and omen determained by; (b) society and culture Hinduism originated in modern day © India The term geog means the study of maps and cartography B, false For 2 places to be interdependent there must be a demand in one place and supply in another: a true Topgraphic maps have iso lines (a) true
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Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide We will be...

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