practice questions for test 1- correct answers

practice questions for test 1- correct answers - Multiple...

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Multiple Choice Answers: 1. A Gram negative bacterium a. Has no peptidoglycan in its cell wall. b. Has less LPS than a gram positive bacterium. c. Contains a layer of teichoic acid. d. Wll always contain endotoxin. e. Is not effectively treated with ionizing radiation. 2. If a bacteria makes β -lactamase, it a. Has the ability to cleave the side chain off semisynthetic antibiotics. b. Can make a sex pilus to transfer genetic material. c. Produces an enzyme that inactivates lipid A. d. Is producing an antibiotic that targets the 70S ribosome. e. Can destroy the β -lactam ring structure of penicillin G. 3. Which of the following will always affect the primary structure of a protein? a. Frameshift mutation. b. Different codon usage. c. Silent mutation d. Base substitution e. None of the above 4. Hfr + cells a. Are products of transformation. b. Usually transfer a complete F + factor to a recipient cell. c. Are unable to generate a sex pilus. d. Must be competent to receive DNA. e. Contain a complete F + factor. 5. During which growth phase will gram-positive bacteria be least susceptible to penicillin? a. Lag phase b. Stationary phase c. Log phase d. The culture is equally susceptible during all phases. e. Lytic phase 6. Which of the following is NOT true of virally transformed eukaryotic cells? a. Transformed cells can start tumors in susceptible animals. b. Where and how the virus integrates plays a role in viral transformation.
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practice questions for test 1- correct answers - Multiple...

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