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Shannon Lewis Professor Edward Lomash Current Event/Psych 101 November 14, 2017 This article discusses the importance of resilience in childhood and adulthood, defining resilience as an ability to maintain self-esteem, endure conflict, and remain motivated. Instead of a focus on the ability to “endure the highly competitive academic culture” (Duffield, G. 2017), the article focuses on the mental health of children, as well as how helping others can improve resilience. The speaker discussed in this article, Robert Brooks, spoke to parents about their involvement in their child's life, and how they can foster their child's resilience throughout their lives, in order to make them more efficient and happy children and adults. He discussed the importance of listening to your child's thoughts and feelings, as well as showing your support and belief in their abilities. This way, children feel more heard and more important in their families, and will have a stronger connection to their families, giving them a stronger base to work from. He also suggested that children need to find something in which they feel confident in, so they are less likely to feel incapable overall. Finally, the article explains the importance of
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