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History 1-30 - 1685 Charles II dies James II becomes king...

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History 1/30 Puritans came for religious freedom, but to them religious freedom meant the freedom to worship God correctly, not to worship any God they choose. Roger Williams- minister who believes Massachusetts is not pure enough. Serious fanatic. Makes trouble. In 1636 is kicked out of the colony. Sets up what will eventually become Rhode Island. Rhode Island becomes first place in new world that supports religious freedom because know one knows true religion so government can't enforce any one religion. New England does not have a staple crop. Has no need for large labour force like in south. New England has to compete economically- Family farms Develop towns because people aren't coming to them to buy their products, they have to make them more readily available. More complicated society than in south. English History 1642, war b/w Parliament and Charles 1649, Charles is beheaded Until 1660 England is a republic, has no king. In 1660 there is a restoration, and Charles' son is invited back to become king.
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Unformatted text preview: 1685 Charles II dies, James II becomes king. James dislikes parliament and people having a say in government, wants to put this to end. Also dislikes Protestantism, wants to take England back to Catholic church. Tries to set up colony in America called Dominion of New England People become scared of James, invite King of Holland to invade England 1688 Glorious Revolution. James flees country. 1689 Parliament passes Bill of Rights- King will always have to rule with Parliament. Also passes bill giving religious toleration to Protestants. John Locke- Two Treatises of Government- Affect both English and American history State of Nature- no government Have rights under God's law- Right of Life, Liberty, and Property ■ Government protects rights given under God's law ■ When Government breaks contract, have right to protest....
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