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History 2-4 - 13 Colonies Rapid population growth in...

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History 2/04 Most important colonies in West Indies British had a lot of colonies in New World Main purpose of colonies is economic, government wants to keep economic relationship Mercantalism -based on assumption of limited resources; ideally a country will sell as much as possible and buy as little as possible. Colonies kept Britain from having to go outside of their own people in trade. Navigation Acts : Trade laws ex. You can't sell tobacco in Virginia to foreign traders, must go to London to buy it. Tobacco must be shipped to London on British boat. Purpose of laws to cut foreign traders out Protected system, under which colonies typically did ok. Generally favourable economically. System flaws- smuggling is extremely easy due to population size in ratio to land mass. 1750 : Georgia,South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, --- NY GA DL MA SC MD NC PA CT VA NJ NH RI --
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Unformatted text preview: 13 Colonies Rapid population growth in colonies, but 1750's population is at approximately 2 million. ■ One of few places in the world where there is enough food ■ Increased likely hood of reproduction and survival ■ Steady stream of immigration (half is African, forced immigration; half is European) European immigration tends to be heavily non-English German, Scotch-Irish, etc Farmers, poor—go inland. Coastal regions predominantly English, inlands mixed ■ Only four “cities” Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston ■ A lot of newspapers circulating, Society is only three months behind London in fashion, etc. Colonial Society extremely hierarchical ■ Status in society judged not just by money, but by manners and etiquette Ladies and Gentlemen only at top of society Deference given to people above you ■ Gentlemen are the ruling class ■ Patriarchal society, legally and socially...
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