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History 2/20 1773 - Aftermath of the Boston Tea Party A crime has been commited and the British gov't can't Coercive Acts Close Boston harbour until tea is paid for. Take away Massachusetts self government. Quebec Act Gave freedom of religion in Quebec Together known as Intolerable Acts Intolerable Acts makes Great Britain look like a threat to colonies Problems With Situation: 1. British Government 2. Colonists with guns First Continental Congress Meeting of Colonists in 1774 Top of society, wealthy Americans Split into three groups Very strongly against Intolerable Acts - Radical Sympathetic to radical group, but don't want to move too fast- Moderate Wants to share power with Parliament- Concervative Sends request to Brit. Gov't to talk about stuff
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Unformatted text preview: Sets up a boycott Committee of Inspection and Observance- give the boycott teeth-Have no legal status under british government-Enforcing laws when have no right to-Authority of regular british government starts to dissolve Massachusetts--British trying to control-Governor saying he needs more troops to control them, British government doesn't get it.-April 1775 Colonists have been storing weapons in Concord, British go to seize-Lexington, British troops confronted by militia men. Shots are fired There is now a shooting war- As far as colonists concerned, British started it Second Continental Congress Organize Army Put George Washington in command Do not view thems as fighting for independence....
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