History - ■ Slavery starts Carribean style A lot of...

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History 2/06 Snapshot of the Colonies in 1750 Governor- Usually elected in England, takes orders from England Paid by the HoR Council House of Represenatives New England is most egalitarian place in the colonies. New England is most educated place in the colonies. New England is ethnically most homogeneous. Middle Colonies New York Settlers on Hudson Iroquois control most of New York, and have power extending down into SC. Pennsylvania Quakers Southern Colonies Virginia Two things lead to slave boom in Va. At end of 17 th century Economy of England improves, so shortage of indentured servants Slave trade improves, so slaves become cheaper As size of labour force increase, laws governing slaves and free blacks become harsher. Has wide distance between those at top of society and those at the bottom Tobacco is an economically unstable crop, make plantation workers feel vulnerable to foreign markets. South Carolina Economy is more Carribean style than colony style
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Unformatted text preview: ■ Slavery starts Carribean style A lot of blacks, not many whites Much harsher style than in Va More efficient ■ Settled by people coming from the Carribean ■ Wealthy people were the wealthiest in N. America ■ Rice made a lot of money Georgia ■ Trustees did not want slavery (not legal because they wanted to build character) ■ Settlers push to make slavery legal. Slavery in the New World Slavery is legal everywhere in new world Primarily in S. America and C. Islands More common in Southern Colonies, where more need for slaves than in Northern Colonies. Slavery kicks off new world development, even in regions where slavery is not important. Slave Society-slavery is so interwoven into society that it would be a completely new society without the use of slavery. French empire extends further than British, but it's an empire of trade, not of settlers....
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History - ■ Slavery starts Carribean style A lot of...

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