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Gulci Gulch essay

Gulci Gulch essay - Gulci Gulch Essay An upset for the ages...

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Gulci Gulch Essay An upset for the ages occurred when Tax Reform Act of 1986 swept through Congress with overwhelming support. The fact that tax reform succeeded is miraculous because, in order to become a law, the act had to overcome many obstacles. Lobbyists on a daily basis made their best attempts to persuade congressmen to kill the bill. In addition to the numerous lobbyists, a tax reform bill faced the daunting challenge of having to go through a Democratic House of Representatives and then a Republican Senate. Because of these numerous obstacles few people actually believed that Congress would come together to reform taxes. For several months the idea of tax reform seemed impossible, but during the 1984 Presidential Elections the atmosphere towards tax reform drastically changed. Ronald Reagan promised to the American people that tax reform would occur during his term of office. Reagan’s promise would establish two heroes as Congressmen Dan Rostenkowski and Bob Packwood took control of the situation and made tax reform a reality. As the bill reached the congressmen’s respective parts of Congress Rostenkowski and Packwood incorporated various methods to gather support for tax reform. Rostenkowski and Packwood’s individual efforts kept the bill alive until both sections of Congress met to pass a joint resolution. At this meeting Rostenkowski and Packwood’s decision to set aside their political differences allowed them work together to persuade a divided Congress to vote for reform. In the end, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 succeeded because of the individual and cooperative efforts of Bob Packwood and Dan Rostenkowski. The passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 teaches observers that politics are truly a struggle even when reform is evident. After Ronald Reagan proposal to improve the tax system, the Democrats chose Dan Rostenkowski to give the Democrat’s response to Reagan’s proposal. Although Rostenkowski tended to stay away from the media, he was more than willing to respond to Reagan’s progressive tax reformation on national television. Rostenkowski was presented a golden
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2 opportunity to blame the large deficit and many flaws in the tax system on the Republican Party and gain support for the Democratic Party. Instead Rostenkowski decided to support Reagan’s proposal and establish a bipartisan attack on the current tax system. In his famous “Write Rosty” speech Rostenkowski unified Americans in support for tax reform. Rostenkowski’s speech was the first successful step made towards tax reform, because both political parties finally agreed that tax reform was necessary. Furthermore, Rostenkowski viewed the opportunity
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Gulci Gulch essay - Gulci Gulch Essay An upset for the ages...

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