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1984 essay - An analysis of the Oceanian Government George...

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An analysis of the Oceanian Government George Orwell in his critically acclaimed novel 1984 enlightens a reader’s view of politics. Readers notice after flipping through the pages that a government has total control over the lives of their citizens. This was illustrated with the Oceanian government, which constantly dictated every part of their citizen’s (referring to party members only) lives. Accordingly there were a variety of people that expressed dissent in the ideals of Oceania’s government, but never did a revolt take place. Instead the citizens of Oceania looked away as their fellow “comrades” were brutally wiped from existence. Oceania government’s ability to literally bully its citizens without a struggle was due to the successful application of tactics that broke down a person’s emotions until they submitted to the government. An American reader, after analyzing the novel, becomes aware of a few parallels between the governments of Oceania and the United States. Fortunately, in the United States tactics are not carried out for the same reasons as in Oceania. The government of Oceania was able to gain power over its people by establishing an emotional dominance. The first step obtaining emotional dominance was by deleting the citizen’s love for their fellow human beings. Love is a dangerous ideal to any government that wants absolute control. Love has the ability to destroy a government, because love always starts conflicts. A natural example of this would be a government separating a child from its mother. The mother’s love for the child would produce a since of urgency that would lead to a struggle. Oceania’s government did not want this struggle because over time situations such as these multiply and people unite to support each other. Abolishing love from society makes absolute control possible because people do not have any motives to rebel. 1
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2 The first step in the process of eliminating love is to terminate the idea that marriage comes from love. In Oceania, marriages were arranged and this often produced tension in a relationship. This was the case with Winston Smith and his marriage to Katharine. Winston naturally was not attracted to women that were as he stated “stupid” and had an “empty mind.” Katherine’s mind had been brainwashed beyond recovery as she often repeated party slogans and never said her true opinion. Luckily for Winston, he was able to separate from Katharine because they were unable
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1984 essay - An analysis of the Oceanian Government George...

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