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Revised Poli Science Test 1 100

Revised Poli Science Test 1 100 - Poli Science 100-006 An...

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Poli Science 100-006 An Introduction to Government 1. What is government? a. Government is the structure and processes through which rules or policies are authoritatively determined for society as a whole. i. Usually territory involved ii. Power b. A state is a human community which successfully claims within a territory the legitimate use of physical force c. Authority- the recognized right of an individual organization or Institution to exercise power. d. Power - the ability of person’s or institutions to control policy. 2. How does government affect your life? a. Regulations b. Protection from foreign threats i. Public safety ii. Fire protection c. Physical infrastructure i. Schools, Highways d. Legal Infrastructure i. Contracts, Laws and Practices e. Consumer protection i. Food safety, product safety ii. Interest rate disclosure, corrupt business practices, certification of professionals f. Air Travel g. Environmental Protection h. Disaster Assistance i. Economic Manager i. -interest rate, money supply j. trade rules-- work rules 3. What functions does government serve? a. Protection b. Promotion of the common good c. Airport Security d. Problem Solving e. Conflict Solving i. - 9-11, Katrina 4. Who tends to run government?
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a. Majoritarianism- the control of public policy by the majority of the adult population b. Pluralism- the competition between various groups for influence over public policy relevant to their interests c. Elitism- the control of public policy across a variety of policy domains by a small group of individuals d. Bureaucratic Rule- the tendency of large scale organizations to develop into the bureaucratic form with the effect that administrations make key policy decisions. American Political Culture 1. How different should incomes be? 2. Wealth a. What constitutes wealth in a society? i. Human resources, Natural resources, existing wealth, government infrastructure b. How wealthy is the USA? c. What role does the government play in creating and destroying wealth? 3. Why did North American develop as it did? a. British Colonization b. Industrial Revolution 4. What are our cultural traditions as a nation of immigrants? a. Statue of Liberty Quote 5. Political Culture and Political socializations a. Political Culture- refers to the politically relevant ideas and social practices characteristic of a society i. habits of actions, norms of conduct, religious feelings, symbols of good and evil, family and child-rearing practices. 6. The Tragedy of the Commons a. Phenomena that led to eventual social intervention i. Eg. Pollution of Oceans 7. A Prisoner’s Dilemma a. Game played throughout politics in which involves cooperation vs. greed. A person can sacrifice a little bit for the good of the whole or they can literally take everything for themselves Column Person Action A Action B.
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