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Unformatted text preview: MODELS OF EMOTION BIOLOGICAL MODEL (Darwin) emotions are related to instinct and are universal SOCIAL MODEL OF EMOTION Social situation, as well as biology, affects the experience of emotion INFLUENCES ON EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION Personality Extroverts calmer, less anxious Culture Same events: different feelings across cultures (eating snails) Expression of feelings Collectivism vs individualism Individualism Comfortable revealing their feelings to people whom they are close collectivism Prize harmony among members of their `in-group' and discourage expression of any negative emotions that might upset relationships Quite frank about expressing negative emotions towards outsiders More likely to hide emotions such as dislike INFLUENCES ON EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION, cont. Gender Social roles Emotional contagion: the process by which emotions are transferred from one person to another Developing Emotional Communication Know your feelings Own your feelings Analyze the situation Reframe when needed Empathize Ability to put yourself in another's place so you are able to understand her/his point of view ...
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