Quiz 2 Review[1] - REVIEW SHEET FOR QUIZ #2 CSD 367 The...

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REVIEW SHEET FOR QUIZ #2 CSD 367 The topics for this quiz are Families; Genetics; Brain; Biomedical Ethics; Functional Domains (cognition; language; play; motor) Questions will be taken from the following sources: 1) Class Lectures: 2/11. 2/13, 2/15, 2/18.2/20, 2/22, 2/25, 2/27, 2/29, 3/3, 3/5, 3/17 2) Readings: #’s 12: For Siblings of the Autistic, A Burdened Youth o the burdens that siblings of Autistic (or any disabled) face o extra responsibility, worry for future o enriched with early lessons in compassion and familial love o try to protect overburdened parents 13: For Families of Autistic, the Fight for Ordinary o can’t prepare her for everything o battle to get kids to be active, functional members of their families o meltdowns are routine to these families o lives have to modify 14: Her Autistic Brothers o feel like you will have to take care of them for the rest of their lives o she feels like she is much nicer (patient) than she would have been if her brothers weren’t autistic o siblings can benefit from disability o “supersiblings”- children who are especially sensitive and responsible as a result of growing up with someone with a disability o siblings of autism tend to have a harder time than siblings of other disabilities o sophistication , but trouble relating o may want to make up for it and try to be the perfect kid o no such thing as a unaffected child in a family that has a child with special needs o gulf between kids with special needs and their siblings widens during adolescence 15: In New Tests for Fetal Detects, Agonizing Choices o availability of tests for disability o parents torn between whether to have abortion or not o quality of child’s life & that of the rest of their family would be severely compromised o lots of questions to consider 16: Prenatal Test Puts Down Syndrome in Hard Focus o 90% of pregnant women who are given a Down Syndrome diagnosis have
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chosen to have an abortion o Advocates for DS are pressing for diagnosed women to really consider everything o DS population decreasing could mean less institutional support and reduced funds for medical research 17: Searching for Similar Diagnosis Through DNA o families with children with rare genetic chromosomal disorders search for other families to meet and relate to 18: Traumatic Brain Injury 19: A Convenient Truth 20: Communication Development in Infancy 3) Textbook: McDonnell et al: Chapter 3 (pages 54-69) Know the following terms, concepts or ideas: Parental confusion, loss, guilt confusion
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Quiz 2 Review[1] - REVIEW SHEET FOR QUIZ #2 CSD 367 The...

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