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HI 300 Mali - 1 Matthew Gulledge Dr Kalinga HI 300 February...

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Matthew Gulledge Dr. Kalinga HI 300 February 1, 2007 Assignment 1 Perspectives of Mali In the Middle Ages Mali was a great empire in Africa, ruled by various sultans who commanded both large armies and the respect of their people. The empire was very rich in gold and influence throughout the region. In Ibn Fadl Allah Al Omari’s “Mali in the Fourteenth Century” and Ibn Battuta’s “Travels in Mali” they offer two different perspectives on Mali culture and civilization through their first hand experience. It is my goal in this paper to highlight the similarities and differences between these two texts and to offer my explanation as to the reason for these variations. In “Mali in the Fourteenth Century” Omari tells the story of the emperor of Mali, Mansa Musa, traveling through Cairo on his pilgrimage to Mecca. He does this from the perspective of a Cairo native who worked as a court functionary to the Sultan of Egypt. Omari tells how the court functionary pleaded to Sultan Musa to come meet with his master, and after continually pleading Sultan Musa finally conceded. The author described Sultan Musa as a very proud, but religious man. The reason Musa was hesitant to go the Egyptian Palace was because he did not want to have to subjugate himself before another, by bowing down before the Sultan of Egypt. Even once in the palace he denied he was bowing to the Sultan and instead insisted he was merely prostrating before Allah. After leaving the Sultan’s palace it is said that Musa displayed unheard of 1
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generosity by giving away a large amount of gold to the people of Cairo. So much gold was given away that it drastically devalued Cairo’s currency making it near worthless. 1 In the second half of Omari’s “Mali in the Fourteenth Century” he focuses on the empire of Mali itself. He said Mali’s power and wealth are unmatched and it has the largest army in the region. The empire is made up of eleven different lands and it is said to take four months to travel from any one corner to the other. The surrounding pagan
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HI 300 Mali - 1 Matthew Gulledge Dr Kalinga HI 300 February...

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