MGMT 3000 Test #1

MGMT 3000 Test #1 - Video CEO of Sony Sir Howard Stringer o...

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January 10, 2008 Video CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer o Video focuses more on the first three activities of management o Trouble in Sony In 2004, Sony lost money Apple iPod hurt Sony’s Walkman Memoirs of Geisha, thought would be a hit, was a slump Fixing to release Playstation 3, new digital Walkman, and new TV o He’s a top level manager o Bio Data Born in Wales Went to college in Oxford Served for USA in Vietnam Found work after war at CBS Ran CBS News with Dan Rather Promoted to President of CBS News Then had to fire 2,000 colleges and friends Fired them himself o Just had become CEO a few months earlier of this video o Has an unusual background for a CEO However, it helped him develop certain unique skills No MBA Did not come from a Financial background/area o Used interpersonal skills to convince Sony to fire nine thousands Did it and was nice about it Called by paper, “the affable ax welder” o Meets lots of his workers Visits manufacturing plants Has town-hall style meetings o Can’t understand Japanese o Spends 2 weeks a month in Japan Family lives in England Only sees wife and two kids a few days a month o Questions: What was his way to increase efficiency in the short-run? Cutting costs/jobs What was his way to increase effectiveness? New products (digital walkman, new TV, etc.) What did he do to the young workers? Motivate Given his background, what management skills was he lacking in?
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Technical Skills and Communication Skills (because of language barrier) But had great interpersonal skill (different from communication skill) What did he do that was kind of “off track” from his career? Go to Vietnam However, he developed skills from working with people with different backgrounds, such as interpersonal skills and teamwork. So, could have helped prepared him for dealing with the job at Sony. Stephen Jobs (Apple) o He invented the mouse for the computer o He is the person behind the type of computer we use today o Was one of the original founders, but the board forced him out (him and another founder) of the company after the company went public.’ o Came back later and was behind inventing the iPod Slides and Lecture Efficiency and Effectiveness o Example used for the rating for America’s Best Colleges Could be really names America’s Most Effective Colleges o Many of the ways they rate the colleges are correlated to each other For example, the more money a college spends, the better it’s rated However, this kind of defies the efficiency, though This is one of the things managers fight to balance, the effectiveness and efficiency Kinds of Managers by Level o Middle Managers First ones for implementation Example: Starbucks Hire 300 people a day (internationally) Human Resources Management o Primarily creating systems to handle human resources Delta airlines, which was in trouble, had to “reorganize” or “regroup”
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MGMT 3000 Test #1 - Video CEO of Sony Sir Howard Stringer o...

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