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EE 341 Discrete-time Linear Signals & Systems Instructor: Tai-Chang Chen Midterm #2 08:30-09:30am 08/01/2016 Name: Student Number: DO NOT OPEN UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Exam instruction: 1. Open book and notes. But no electronic devices allowed during exam. 2. Try to fit your work onto the same sheet as the problem itself. If you need to include additional sheets, place these immediately behind the sheet that the problem is on and put your name on top of it. 3. Partial credit will be based upon how well you describe what you are doing. 4. Justify all your answers. 5. Turn in your exam promptly at 09:30 am. Continuing to work after the bell will cause you to lose points. 6. The grade is distributed among the problems as follows: Points Possible Your Score Problem 1 20 Problem 2 30 Problem 3 15 Problem 4 15 Exam Score 80
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Problem 1: DT Convolution Sum Analysis (20 points) Find ?[𝑛] = ?[𝑛] ∗ ℎ[𝑛] (simplify your answer)
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