war against boys notes

war against boys notes - -defining event for boys was the...

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-defining event for boys was the shooting at columbine high: some behaved heroically, some read poems/sang songs for lost classmates/friends -point is that people are forgetting “energy, competitiveness and corporal daring of normal, decent males is responsible for much of what is right in the world” allowing of course that boys’ aggressive tendencies must be checked and channeled in constructive ways -boys need discipline, respect, and moral guidance, love and tolerant understanding -for many years women’s groups have been complaining that boys are benefiting from a school system that favors boys and is biased against girls -in this book he tries to correct the “misinformation” and give an accurate picture of “where the boys are” -a review of facts and empirical evidence shows boys, not girls on the weak side of an educational gender gap. Boys, on average are a year and a half behind girls in reading and writing, and they are less committed to school and less likely to go to college. -1990 Carol Gilligan announced that America’s adolescent girls were in crisis: As the river of a girl’s life flows in to the sea of Western culture, she is in danger of drowning or disappearing” -girls are being psychologically depleted, social “silenced,” and academically “shortchanged” -most popular girl crisis book: Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher -no empirical evidence to support girl crisis, in fact empirical evidence against: majority of adolescents of both genders successfully negotiate this developmental period without any major psychological or emotional disorder, develop a positive sense of personal identity, and manage to forge adaptive peer relationships at the same time they maintain close relationships with their families -greater increase in male suicides than girls aged ten-fourteen -Carol Gilligan inspired groups like American Association of University Women (AAUW)- commissioned a polling firm to study whether American schoolgirls were being drained of their self-confidence
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-came up with “call-out” gap (elementary and middle school boys call out answers 10 times more than girls -addressed as a “pressing human rights issue” -girls get better grades, they have higher educational aspirations, they follow a more rigorous academic program and participate more in the prestigious AP program, academically more engaged (school engagement is a critical measure of student success) -males dominate the dropout lists, the failure lists, and the learning disability lists -National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)- offers best and most comprehensive measure of achievement for students of all levels of ability: boys outperform girls in math and science, girls outperform boys in reading and writing (but while girls improving in math and science, boys still lagging in reading and writing) -late 1990s newspapers began to come out with articles about the educational gender gap adverse to boys -two groups of students: “highly successful” (18%)
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war against boys notes - -defining event for boys was the...

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