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anth notes 11-8-07 - on what’s happening in this quote...

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Journal of Oral History -Primary readings: -Open coding- coding line by line, reading closely, should suspend and deal strictly with the words on the page in front of you- one or two words (should be as close as possible to the words in the text). Jot down ideas that pop into your head as you are coding. Think about what fits together, threads that can connect these many pieces that you have. -Focused Coding: revisiting codes from first time with an eye towards similarities and differences and as you code through this step, you should be able to get a sense of the pieces of your interview that… -want to begin to identify core themes (those items that repeat themselves), could focus on what your interviewee thought was important -identify these themes and then connect them with a narrative -working with exerpts: introduce your reader to what you think he/she should be focused
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Unformatted text preview: on : what’s happening in this quote that I’m using, what are the implications of me using it (what is the reader going to gain from it), what in this exert is useful and important to the larger overall theme? Think about ways in which you can move your story along. Should not let voice of analysis overpower your interviewee’s voice but if you do, make that clear to the reader. Don’t be afraid to use sub-headings -Grounded theory: emphasizes constant comparison- continually think about the relationships between the different data you have and the different phases of your research you are in. it is a PROCESS not a PRODUCT!! Gather answers as you go along.-ask yourself what are the possible stories that I could tell, given the material I have, and of those stories I can tell which one do I want to tell and why.-stay away from space-filling words...
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