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Exam I Key - jewelry electrodes serves the nbsecoatingon...

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ffi ftatinum is a precious metal used to make jewelry, electrodes 4nd serves as the nbse coating on "-* missiles.Platinum crystallizes in a cubicclose packed lattice structure with a face-centered unit cell. The length of the unit cell is 3.93 x 10-8 cm. (15pts. total) a. How many Pt atoms are in a single unit cell? &3fi6b hl) anr*"rl ?t g#n{- F-,ce bnkird: (K c*Ac1\tk = lo"bn (i r) (Uhr-DVz= 3a't'q^L(.+t\ ffic+r) calculaterh. ru}",rof a pt atom. [+ta ph +d+41) P Answer 1.31 xl|acm Answer 21,4 Ti*o'il*hu Ahfrsfuthn hn*cetl d= 4r ( +r) dl = -trt f!.2 (+ t) ff-2ry 'd -- ltl (t l) ..JZ.^u =4r (+ l) [email protected] =t.31 xwrtcnGD c+D{ 4 c. calculate the volume of the unit cell-T (+Zph +" l.4t\ *r*", (t'TT ilO-8 cr# tlolr^* -- (1,14ila4cwt)3 = tt'nxb-2)cm3 \tolrrrtr: k;ilr r,:d'lh ,hugh-t = !x"b'-I-- !3 d. calculate the density of Pt metal. (t tlP'ft. +o l" f ) Moss oF ?l m ull = 4 qbr1, x rl4:; -u?;nukPry \lotrnr.of '{ ct ll= b.at\lo4'cpiV Dtnsi\' l,jlsx l/'Llol ffi=21'4X7r^z0z)
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W fitt all attractive forcesthat areovercome (must be broken) for the following transitlbns to occur (note: this may be a single force or multiple forces): (6pts) a. Hydrate KNOr yielding an aqueous solution Aor*"rtrnl0Bmd *,"brd ilrt-* tlta,d b. Convert liquid butane to vapor *r*", Di6?tf6lt"1 (f D . .-fr -r c. Gz) hydrochloric acid. What is the resulting pressure inside a3.5L, closed, evacuated vessel when 10.0mL of 1.00M HCI reacts with 12.5mL of a 0.75M solution of sodium bicarbonate at298K? Assume the volume of the liquid does not change the total volume of the container and no liquid evaporation occurs.J2gg rAnV qa/y afatud, $d ?r,,surtffX';rr.+i:'{Nacr(aq) + Hzo(t) + cozlg) ' (' t2.5nL 0.15|l|.letlco4 -3 i(Vo,t* d;drrd {',afund+t'**l;ui\ncl
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