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CAE 437 Homeland Security Concerns in Engineering Systems Spring 2017 IIT Catalog Data - Review of blast effects produced by solid phase weapons and their effects on structures and people. Estimation of the risk of threats to security of public and private systems and facilities. Review of simplified structural methods for the analysis and design of structures to meet homeland security concerns and procedures to minimize casualties. Analysis of post attack fires and how to prevent them. Examination of potential risk to security of infrastructure systems. Development of contingency plans to include evacuation preparedness at time of emergency. (3-0-3) Text Books: Relevant public domain documents available from U.S. Government Agencies such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), GSA (General Services Administration), DOD (Department of Defense) as well as ASCE. References : Various publications provided and/or suggested by the instructor Course Coordinator : A. Longinow, PhD, PE, Adjunct Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering Goals: To introduce basic elements of planning and engineering system design against risks from threats that compromise security; to identify the types of threat and estimate potential risks involved in the threat from such attacks; to identify various measures and designs available for infrastructure systems and public facilities and methods to protect them. Prerequisites by Topics: Basic knowledge of engineering including “mechanics of materials” and structural analysis. Knowledge of construction materials and their properties. Knowledge of public domain structural analysis computer software will be useful.
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