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hist 362 study guide done - Mary Beard- pg. 416-417 She was...

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- pg. 416-417 She was an activist and historian during 1910’s and 1920’s. Wrote the book Woman’s Work in Municipalities (1915) ;about woman’s involvement in establishing special juvenile and family courts. She was very active in the Progressive era’s women’s movement. Involved with: Women’s Trade Union League, NY suffrage movement to National Woman’s Party. She emphasized woman’s active role in history making. National Association of Colored Women- 1900, 400 black women’s clubs were associated with the NACW. It began anti- lynching work it had divisions for mothers clubs, juvenile courts, domestic science, temperance, music, literature and votes for women. Mary Church Terrell was the association’s first president and she was one of the few black women accepted into the white women’s movement showing she had a great appeal to all women. The assoc. also aided finding jobs and housing to northern urban life after the great migration for women. They raised close to $5 million for the Liberty Loan drive which is amazing for that time. Elizabeth Cady Stanton- pg. 304-5, 370, 274, 273-5 She believed colonizing the Filipino people would help civilize them. She delivered her future ideal of the new American woman. She had a more radical vision than those along side her. She continued to focus on individualism and she was definitely ahead of her time. She made a modern statement of women’s freedom in The Solitude of Self. She strongly wanted women to have a higher education and a voice in society. She was part of the most important partnership in the US woman suffrage movement Susan B. Anthony - pg. 273-275, 688, 370, 358, 363, 427 She was arrested for voting in the 1872 presidential election, she went to trial in 1873 and voiced the injustice of denying women political equality yet she was still found guilty. She partnered with Stanton for 5 decades in the woman suffrage movement. She opposed the Spanish American war. She was still partial to whites when immigrants came in and were taking many jobs away from “intelligent white men.” Even at 76 she stood for suffrage in California when it was up to the men. Lucy Stone - pg. 273, 317 Part of the Equal Rights Association she believed that there should be equal rights for all. She was a famous woman’s rights advocate who attended Oberlin College along with other prominent women of that time. She also established the American Woman Suffrage Association. National American Woman Suffrage Assoc .- pg. 301, 372, 424-25, 431, 433, 445 They sponsored an International Congress of Women which was attended by representatives of several European countries and many U.S. woman organizations. They declared to Congress that women should have equal rights with men when responding to how Hawaii confined political rights to men only. The association was established in 1890 when two rival suffrage societies merged together. Carrie Chapman Catt of Iowa took over the assoc. from Anthony in 1900 and moved it into the modern era. The assoc. soon became interested in Franchise and 4 states west of the Miss. It had granted voting
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hist 362 study guide done - Mary Beard- pg. 416-417 She was...

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