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Drama 115 Lecture 1January 11

Drama 115 Lecture 1January 11 - l Plot,Character Thought...

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Drama 115 Lecture 1 January 11, 2008 - Literary Arts (novel/short story/poem) - Journalistic Arts ( print-broadcast journalism/essay/blog) - Visual Arts (painting/sculpture/photography) - Plastic Arts (architecture/cooking) - Media Arts (film/television/digital modes) - Performance Arts (music/dance) - Practical Arts (engineering/advertising) - “Dran”- to act or to do = action - Elements of Drama: Aristotle’s Six - Aristotle: Poetics (335 BC) Classica
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Unformatted text preview: l: Plot,Character, Thought, Diction, Music, Spectacle Modern : Plot, Character, Theme, Language, Acting, Stagecraft-Qualities of Theatre: o Active o Immediate o Spatial o Temporal o Cumulative o Dialogic o Ephemeral o Collaborative- Strengths of both drama and theatre as a literary and performance art: duality and pretense conflict and ambiguity- Picasso: “Art is a Lie that reveals the TRUTH!”...
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