Chapter 2 - *Counter Cultures(subcultures that are at odds...

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Chapter 2: Culture and Social Structure Society - Network of Relationships - Live within a same Territory - Common Culture – (Social Heritage, Beliefs) Material Culture - Tools, Artifacts, Technology Non-Material Culture - o Folkways (Etiquette/ Hygiene /Costume) - Values “Cultural Lag” (Ogburn) Language - Linguistic Relativity Symbols (Symbol Separation) - Group Identifiers - Personifications Mores 10 Commandments - Laws )formal written Lawes, standard of goods bad Values - Standards of good & bad - Evaluate to value - Brodgs Children’s Literature Cultural Universals - Expressions (Communication) - Greif/ Death Rituals - “Rites of Passage” - Food Quest (Work Activity) - Coping with Deviants - Babbling to Babies - Socialization (Education) - Shelter Building
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“Ethnocentrism” – idea that we belong to a group and don’t accept another group’s point of view - *Subculture (race, age, gender) o Police – everyone is a criminal o Student – thinks everything is test o Doctor – thinks everyone is sick
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Unformatted text preview: -*Counter Cultures (subcultures that are at odds with the culture) o Gangs o Homeless Social Structure-Stable Pattern – of recurrent relationships-Organization of status/ roles o Mechanical Solidarity – Simple o Organic Solidarity – Complex Status – position that you occupy in a social structure-Two types of status o Ascribed status – Assigned (Age, Gender, race, disability, ethnicity) o Achieved status – Earned (Education, Occupation, Honors, Awards) Master Status – (Usually ascribed status); the way that you react to someone; can be achieved such as occupation or situational attachments (When you look at a homeless person, you react to homelessness). Status Symbols - (Uniform on a police officer) Role – expectations -While in the status o Duties; Responsibilities o Range of behaviors-Role Performance-Role Set-Role Conflict (2 different conflicting Roles)-Role Strain-Role Exit (ex. Leaving High School)...
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Chapter 2 - *Counter Cultures(subcultures that are at odds...

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