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EE 284 F. Tobagi Autumn 2015-2016 EE284 Review session 3 Topics: CRC 1 CRC a. Given the message 100100100100100 and generator sequence 10011, what then is the checksummed message? (Show your computation.) b. In a CRC detection, if a generator polynomial is G ( x ) = x 3 + 1, what is the remainder if the error pattern is: i. 10001; ii. 1000001 Show the decoding procedure and conclude whether or not the CRC detects the error. 2 Performance of CRC Consider a CRC-checksummed message T (x) consisting of exactly m data bits and r check- sum bits. Let A(k) denote the number of possible erroneously received messages T’(x) containing a burst error of length exactly k bits, and B(k) denote the number of possible
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