Chapter 3 - Socialization Agents Parents Peers...

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Chapter 3: Socialization Socialization – passing of knowledge from one generation to another 1. Social Learning Theory a. Operation of Conditioning (Pavlov Dog- Learning to salivate for food) b. Social Reinforcement - (+/-)(Behavior can change due to rewards/ punish) c. Observation Learning - Learn by observation/ learn to imitate others 2. Cognitive Development (Piaget) a. 0-1.5 – Sensory Motor Stage (Separate Self) b. 1.5 – 7 – Preoperational (Egocentric) c. 7-12 – Concrete Operational Stage d. 12 and Over – Formal Operational Stage(Can deal with complex problem) Symbolic interactionist – “Reflexive Behavior”
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Unformatted text preview: Socialization Agents Parents Peers Institutional Leaders (Schools, Government, Church) Media (TV, Mag., News, Toys?, Videos, Games, Radio, Literature, Net) Sibling Care Givers Communication • Body Language • Paralanguage • Proxemics • Touch • Artifacts Johari Window Thomas Theorem (“Definition of Situation Theory”) Shared Meanings Similar Behavior (based on) Interpreatation (May Vary All Construct our own Real OPEN Blind Hidden Unknown Known to others Known to self Not Known to self Not known to others...
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Chapter 3 - Socialization Agents Parents Peers...

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