Chapter 5 - 3 Cultural Transmission a Cultural Association...

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Chapter 5 Deviance is Behavior 1. Considerable number of People 2. Reprehensible 3. Will not be Tolerated a. Hostile Reaction Properties of Deviance 1. Deviance is Relative (Depends on Society) 2. Define by those in Power (Elites) 3. Deviance Up, Deviance Down Normal (Hidden, Accepted) *Rape, Spouse Abuse) Deviant (Unwed Mother Cohabitation) Regulate Behavior (Social Controls) 1. Sanctions – Punishment 2. Structured Social Experience (Culturally Bound) 3. Internalization (Development of Conscious) Deviance Reaction Promote Conformity “” Cause Agreement on Norms “” Highlights the Norm “” Define limits of Tolerance Deviance Promotes Authority “” Catalyst for Change Theories 1. Anomie 2. Merton’s Structural Strain – “Look at Primary Goals”
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Cultural Transmission a. Cultural Association 4. Conflict Perspective 5. Labeling Theory a. You are what they say you are i. Primary Deviance ii. Social Ambience iii. Secondary Deviance iv. Control Theory v. Bond 1. Attachment 2. Involvement 3. Commitment 4. Belief Crime = Deviance that is Against the Law *Vast Majority of Crime is committed by People under 25*-Almost all the crime would be committed by these people under 25-1. Violent Crimes (Personal) 2. Property Crimes 3. Juvenile Crime (13-18) 4. Organized Crime (Prostitutes, Drug Dealers, Restaurant Owners) 5. White Collar Crime (Cooperate Crime) Crime Rates 100 Crimes 36 Reported 7-8 Lead to Arrest 5 Prosecuted/Convicted 1 Prison (Avg. Times, 2-5 Years) Male 21 White...
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Chapter 5 - 3 Cultural Transmission a Cultural Association...

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