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Chapter 8 - Sexual Harassment – unwelcome sexual...

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Chapter 8: Gender Inequality Male v. Female Bio o Sex Sociology o Gender o Gender Inequality “Socially Constructed Meaning” o Master Status o Gender Roles Gender Stratification Structured Inequality based on Gender Sexism – prejudge/discrimination based on gender “Pink Color” Jobs “Sticky Floor” Jobs – Come in at the bottom level of jobs and stuck there “Second Shift” – 8 Hours at Work then 8 hours at the Home “Glass Ceiling” – Can’t get any higher once you hit a point
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Harassment – unwelcome sexual behaviors Criteria of Sexual Harassment 1. Unwelcome Sexual Attention 2. Physical, Verbal, Graphic 3. Affect on Employee’s Workplace 4. “” is Hostile Quid Pro Quo 2007 12,000 Complaints of Sexual Harassment 5,600 Dismissed due to lack of Evidence $49 Million is settlement 85% are Women 15% are Men...
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