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Aerobic capacitymaximum aerobic capacity greatest rate

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Unformatted text preview: city Greatest rate at which oxygen can be taken in and used during exercise Volume of oxygen used relative to body weight per unit of time (measured in laboratory setting) Normal values for males and females (ages 1525 years) range from 3846 ml/kg/min Elite athletes may range from 6070 ml/kg/min and 7080 ml/kg/min for females and males, respectively Training Techniques Various aerobic activity: individual vs. team activities Strengthen Training Circuit training Endurance training Speed training The FITT Principle Basic philosophy of what is necessary to gain a training effect from an exercise program FITT Frequency of activity Intensity of activity Type of activity Time or duration of activity Used primarily for impacting the cardio respiratory system through training Target Heart Rate Determine maximum heart rate Involves exercising at max levels and monitoring HR using an electrocardiogram Approximations can also be used as well 220age = HRmax Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) Difference be...
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