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An extended period of time intensity is easy to

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Unformatted text preview: ecific training levels Intermittent exercise while effective can be difficult to regulate relative to training levels (heart rate) Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease; Risk Factors Risk factors that cannot be Risk factors that can be changed: changed: Family history Cigarette smoking Age Hypertension Gender High blood cholesterol level Race Physical inactivity Hypokinetic Disease Hypokinetic Diseases are conditions related to lack of physical activity and include: Hypertension Heart disease Chronic back pain Obesity Certain forms of diabetes Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health Developing yourself physically Expressing your emotions effectively Having good relations with those persons around you Being concerned about your decisionmaking abilities Paying attention to ethics, values, and spirituality Lifestyle Habits that Deter Fitness Substance use and abuse Sexually transmitted infections Disordered eating Physical inactivity Tobacco use Summary Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential to a healthy lifestyle Lack of physical activity leads to many types of diseases Other behaviors in your life can deter you from a healthy lifestyle...
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