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Can also be used as well 220 age hrmax heart rate

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Unformatted text preview: tween resting HR and HRmax Potential of heart rate training intensities Karvonen Equation Used to calculate exercise heart rate at a given percentage of training intensity Requires resting HR and HRmax Exercise HR = % if target intensity(HRmax HRrest) + HRrest These values are always predictions when using estimate HR values (max and rest) ACSM recommends working out at 6085% of HRmax Introduction to Lab #1 Before coming to Lab 1 next week, calculate your target heart rate using the Karvonen Equation Directions for Lab #1 are on your course's Blackboard site Time of Activity ACSM indicates that 15 minutes of continuous exercise can result in minimal improvements 1560 minutes of exercise with elevated heart rates is recommended Longer the duration the greater the improvements Type of Activity Must be aerobic requiring large amounts of oxygen and elevated heart rate over an extended period of time Intensity is easy to regulate with aerobic activities Can control exercise relative to sp...
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