Test 3 Notes Poli Sci - 2/27/08 Campaigns and Elections The...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/27/08 Campaigns and Elections The Logic of Elections In a rep. democracy hoe do you keep the needs of the people ahead of the desires and ambitions of reps.? Regular, free elections work to ameliorate this problem: o [Madisons idea to elect every 2 yrs.] o Top goal is reelection o The prospect of future elections gives office holders who want to keep or improve their jobs a motive to be responsible agents. The Right to Vote Most common form of political participation in the U.S. Voting The history of suffrage in the U.S. [White male land owners who were over 21;states decided] Property Qualifications [First one to go] o Prior to Civil War [white males, 21 or older] Universal suffrage for white males Suffrage for Women The 19 th Amendment (1920) [White 21 yrs. And older] Suffrage Rights for Black Americans o The 15 th Amendment (1870) [Cant deny someone the right to vote due to race, ect.] o State Restrictions: White Primary [The supreme court outlawed in 1944Smith D. Allright] Literacy Tests Poll Taxes [24 th Amed. 1964] o Suffrage for blacks was not universal until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Males and females 21 years or older o The 26 th Amendment (1971) Gave 18-20 year old citizens the right to vote Who Uses the Right to Vote? o Elections yield collective benefits People enjoy the payoffs even if they have not helped to produce them by voting A single vote is not likely to make much of a difference o Voter Turnout in the US Levels Presidential: 50% Congressional: 30-35% 2004 Presidential Election: 55% Comparison to European Democracies: 75-80% o Individual Factors Affecting Turnout Age [the older, the more] Education [more education, the more; single best ] Income [Higher, the more] Race [Hispanics lack way behind, then A.A., then whites] Early voting [Most Americans say that they cant vote due to going to work; doesnt increase voting] In person absentee voting [by mail; give excuse] Only provides people who already wanted to vote with options o Photo ID needed when voting [6 forms; govt issued] Variations in Turnout Over Time?...
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Test 3 Notes Poli Sci - 2/27/08 Campaigns and Elections The...

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