Political Science Review

Political Science Review - 1. _ is "those opinions...

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1. ______________ is “those opinions held by private persons which governments find prudent to heed” (V.O. Key). 2. T/F: The predictive power of public opinion polls is greater when there is a small sample. 3. List three considerations involved in survey research. 4. What is the “halo effect”? 5. What is an example of problems caused by a non-random sample that we discussed in lecture? 6. An __________ is a consistent and integrated system of ideas, values and beliefs. 7. T/F: Although most Americans do label themselves ideologically, of the ones that do, more identify as liberals. 8. ________ __________ the learning of political values, beliefs, and opinions. 9. What are the two effects associated with age in regards to it acting as a political socialization agent? 10. T/F: Issue framing does not determine which attitudes govern a person’s response. 11. Public opinion is meaningful at the ______________ level. 12. The ideological distribution of Americans is a ______ _________. 13. How can stable and coherent public opinion arise from unstable and incoherent individual opinions? 14. T/F: Although widespread support exists for democratic principles, the practical application of abstract values produces a breakdown in consensus. 15. T/F: Cynicism on the part of the American public has generally decreased since the 1960s? 16. List three examples of individual-level differences in ideology. 17. For all intents and purposes, can the government in the U.S. keep the media from reporting a story? 18. What two innovations decreased the need of political party sponsorship for newspapers? 19. Which media outlet is not proprietary? 20. Has virtually unlimited news programming yielded a better informed citizenry? 21. _____ ______ is the amount of information a particular technology can economically provide its audience. 22. Name two reasons why TV news stories are kept brief. 23. What two political audiences do politicians use the media to send messages to? 24. What are two news management strategies that politicians use?
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25. Both newspapers and broadcast media cover the regular sources of important stories systematically by permanently assigning reporters to certain venues, traditionally called ___________. 26. The role of the media involves _______ ________, which is defined as the power to define
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Political Science Review - 1. _ is "those opinions...

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