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Test 3 Book Notes Poli Sci

Test 3 Book Notes Poli Sci - Book Notes Chapter 11[Voting...

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Book Notes… When president seeks reelection, performance from 1 st term : very important War in Iraq o o Nat’l economy in recession when Bush 1 st began o Bush: high marks on handling on terrorism & Iraq [saved him from making reelection impossible] o Kerry & Bush had good campaigns; focused on war and moral character Both received votes from their parties and few from opposites Highest party loyalty in 52 yrs Bush: higher incomes, white, men, religious, gun owners; Kerry: Minorities, low income homes The Logic of Elections o Democracy in America is a rep. democracy o James Madison adopted term “republic” [this term showed the diff. between 18 th o Madison acknowledges that they might use this power to serve themselves and not the people o Whenever we chose anyone, we place at place at risk them putting their interests first o America deals with this by having elections Gives ordinary citizens a say in who represents them The prospect of future elections gives people who are already in office a motive to be responsive agents Provide powerful incentives for people who want to replace officeholders to keep a close eye on representatives and tell anyone else about misconduct they detect The Right to Vote
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Practice of selecting leaders by ballot and limited suffrage 1 st came to N.A. by settlers from England Property qualification for voting; denied to Catholics, Jews, native Americans, and freed Black slaves o Wider Suffrage for Men Wealthier people did not want to change their voting rights because their comfort would be interrupted by lower class who needed change By revolutionary period: white ,Protestant, and gainfully employed had right to vote The Revolutionary War: anyone who paid taxes should have right to vote If everyone was able to vote, rich would only be doubled b/c poor would be represented by patrons
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Test 3 Book Notes Poli Sci - Book Notes Chapter 11[Voting...

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