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UTOPIA_WRITING - IAH 206 Self Society and Technology...

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  IAH 206 Self, Society, and Technology Spring 2008 Ferkany/Meagher NAME: Alex Paris DUE: February, 21, 2008 Towards the end of Book One of his novel Utopia , Thomas More writes that a moneyless, communist economy such as that described by Rafael, cannot exist because there would always be “shortages…in the absence of a profit motive, everyone would become lazy…the inevitable result would be a series of murders and riots” (More, 45). Rafael, on the other hand, believes that that the system in Utopia works precisely because basic primary needs such as food and shelter are met which allows all citizens to be productive without the economic burden often facing the majority in a capitalistic society. Of course, Rafael’s beliefs in the benefits of a communist economy are more pleasant and romantic than More’s rejection of such a system, Rafael’s vision is much too idealistic; while history fails to provide us one example of a successful (and long-term)
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