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Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor Michael Fischer ENG 101 12/10/07 Option B Illegal Immigration: Effects on Prisons and Gangs in the United States Many people enter the United States illegally everyday. These people are referred to many things but the most common is illegal immigrant. Although against United States law, they still come. They come from many backgrounds and many countries. They come for different reasons and expect different things. Some come in search of jobs as to obtain money to send home to their families in their native countries. Others come to start a new life over in a new country that promises them opportunities for a better, safer life. While most come in the general belief to seek a better life, some come to neither better themselves or the new country they are entering. These people have ended up committing crimes and find themselves as inmates in our prisons. Others who will follow the same path have ended up in the numerous gangs in America who intimidate and strike fear in the citizens of the United Sates. By researching and discovering more about this topic, more information has come to light about these people and what they do. Illegal immigration has a negative effect on prisons and gangs in the United States. When people come to look at the situation with illegal immigration, they normally tend to learn from popular sources, which are not always correct and are sometimes heavily biased. In respect to illegal immigration and an upcoming election, this is a hot button topic. While on one
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Morrison 2 spectrum, the conservatives will condemn illegal immigration and will do everything to stop it. On the other hand, the democrats call for a plan of action to assimilate all of the illegal immigrants in the country now. It depends where you get your information from what kind of stance you will take on this issues. What the US Justice department knows is that four to five million illegal immigrants cross the United States borders yearly. It was estimated in 2007 that there were nearly thirty five million illegal immigrants inhabiting the United States. This number only accounts for three percent of our population. Of these people, 24.5 percent are on welfare compared to that of 16.3 percent of citizens. Also, illegal immigrants contribute to “eighty percent of the drugs seized are discovered in the course of illegal alien apprehensions” as reported by the commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) (Dagodag). This number is appalling since their numbers only account for three percent of our population. The theory of this is, that immigrants put into a situation with little or no money or support, will resort to crime and possibly end up in prison. Another theory states the opposite, it states that immigrants will do everything in their power not to commit crimes because they are afraid that they will be deported (Lee Martinez Rosenfeld). However, that is not the case since illegal immigrants are let go in record numbers. In 2001 the INS stated that it released 35,000 illegal
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FinalPaperENG101 - Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor...

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