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Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor Fischer ENG 101 23 October 2007 Advertising and the Effect on the American Spirit Advertising is a way for businesses, charities, and the government to have their voices heard. This is a good way to appeal to buyers, but maybe not in the right way. In his paper on American Advertising, Solomon describes advertising as manipulative and, “Appealing to our subconscious emotions rather than to our conscious intellects” (Solomon, 402). American advertisers are especially good at this technique of tugging and pulling at your emotions and how you and the other people around you will feel about you based on whether or not you follow the advertisement. Some advertisers like GMC tug at your American spirit emotions. In reference to the American spirit, Solomon states that, “The American dream, in other words, has two faces: the one communally egalitarian and the other completely elitist” (Solomon, 402). This attempt to appeal to our subconscious is very prevalent in our automobile industry. When appealing to Americans, there is nothing more American than trucks, and GMC knows this. This shows as they twist advertising to manipulate people into thinking that their product promotes the American dream and ideals. In an issue of ESPN the magazine, an article was presented that displayed GMC and its trucks. The words, “WHAT MATTERS MOST IS WHAT’S BEHIND THE GRILLE” span across the top of the article (GMC). The advertisement itself is in all dark colors. There is a picture of a football player with an up close picture of his face with his helmet on. And below
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P3-ENG101 - Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor Fischer...

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