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Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor Fischer ENG 101 8 November 2007 The Importance of Perspective in Respect to Interpreting Artistic Text Flannery O’Connor produced a piece of work called a good man is hard to find. The tale is of a family traveling to see their grandmother but is stopped short on a road and are brutally murdered by a man who calls himself the Misfit. At first read, this seems like a grotesque piece with little value too it rather than to shock or entertain. At a closer look however, we see many religious implications throughout this work of literature. O’Connor herself is a devout catholic, which why it makes sense to as why she would include such implications. This piece of work can be read by many different people and will not receive the same interpretation. Hallman Bryant and John Desmond try to analyze and interpret this text. Both respected authors yet they get conflicting interpretations of this text. Bryant uses the use of symbolism in the novel to describe the religious aspects of the text. On the other hand, Desmond shows the characters actions as showing the good and evil we all have inside ourselves. By looking at these two interpretations we can see that the backgrounds of the individuals shapes their perspectives. Interpretation is defined as “ an explanation of the meaning of another's artistic or creative work,” as defined by Dictionary.com (“Interpretation”). Interpretation can be formed because of many aspects. Although many things may shape ones perspective, the
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Morrison 2 persons background contributes greatly. An example of this background influence on perspectives could be Americans views on the statue of liberty. The first who is a farmer
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P4 eng 101 - Morrison 1 Nathan Morrison Professor Fischer...

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