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Nathan Morrison PSY 200 2/28/08 Reading Report 1 The article that I have chosen came from the American Journal of Psychology Volume 119 Number 3. The name of the article is The Simultaneous learning effect: Why does simultaneous task learning improve retention. Daniel J. Burns and Mara V. Ladd wrote this article. The article is located on pages 385-405. The purpose of this article is to show that simultaneous learning is more effective and you can better recall information, rather than single task memorization. This article includes three experiments that demonstrates the authors’ point of view and offers results to whether simultaneous task or single task is better for recall. The article tries to explain how and why this type of memorization is more superior to the other and how it is superior in different types of memorizations. The methodology used for the experiments is somewhat different in all the experiments. The people who contributed in the study were 88 high school seniors.
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