Abnormal Chapter 13 Gender and Sexual Identity Disorders

Abnormal Chapter 13 Gender and Sexual Identity Disorders -...

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Unformatted text preview: Abnormal Chapter 13 Gender and Sexual Identity Disorders Sexual dysfunct disrupts in sex functs Sexual desire dis hypoactive sexual desire dis sex aversion dis sexual arousal dis fem sex arousal dis (frigidity) male erectile dis Orgasmic dis fem orgas dis male org dis premature ejaculation sex pain dis dyspareunia vaginismus gender id dis paraphilias-fetish transvestic fetish pedophilia exhibitionism voyeurism frotteurism s&m paraphilias not otherwise spec (coprophillia necrophilia) arousal=internest orgasmic=completion ego-dystonic homos homos wish they were straight. Result gay ppl dis if persuaded by soc that sex orientation is dis changed to sex dis not specified not gay or straight but distress over either orientation. Sexually active older women rept fewer sexual probs than younger women do. Sexual Resp Cycle 1 appetitive phase sex interest/desire 2 excitement phase exp pleasure assoc w/ inc bld flow to genitalia=erection wet breasts bigger 3. orgasm sexual pleasure peaks general muscle tension in both sexes 4. resolution phase relaxation and sense of well being following orgasm also afterglow Sexual Desire Dis DSM Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder persist def or absent sexual fantasies and des causes marked distress or interper probs not due to med illness another axis 1 dis or physiological effs of drug Sexual Aversion Dis DSM persistant avoidance of almost all sex contact causes marked distress or interpersonal probs not due to another Axis 1 dis Sexual arousal Dis pple exp sex desire but cant maintain or obtain arousal DSM Fem Sex Arousal Dis persist inab to attain or maint sex excite (lube and swell of genitals) causes marked distress interpers probs not due to med ill another azis I dis or phys effs of drug DSM Male erectile dis perist inab to attain or maintain an erection adequate for comp of sex causes marked distress or interpers probs not due to med ill diff axis 1 dis or phys effects of drug...
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