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X DRUGS NOTES - Red Appetite Stim Elev Mood Adverse Effects...

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MDMA the serotonin receptors very damaged and little repair even 7 yrs later Derivative of amphetamine Long & Short Term Effects on brain Short chgs brain chem. Beh Long term chgs in brain struct & beh Brain areas affected by MDMA (X) Neocortex Hypothalamus Basal ganglia Amygdala Hippocampus X binds to transporter cells of Seratonin Accute Effects Heightened percepts
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Unformatted text preview: Red Appetite Stim Elev Mood Adverse Effects Clouded Mood Hyperthermia Disturbed Beh Jaw Clenching Life threatening effects Hyperthermia Arrhythemias Renal Failure Long Term Effects of X Brain Chem Changes SA Reduced and metabolites reduced Brain Struct Chgs SA transp red SA terminals degenerate X May damage brain areas controlling memory...
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