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Mila Bergschneider Riots Cults and Social Movements Outline for Term Paper I. Jena Six a. What happened b. Who c. Background d. Sentencing? e. Jury? II. Media Coverage a. Who picked up original story i. Author and media outlet ii. Reason for time line w 1. why so long before any major publicity b. compare to old race protests i. nonviolent MLK tradition c. mainly word of mouth to spread information of protest and transportation III. Collective Behavior Theories a. Apply same theories that were used to explaine race riots and civil rights marches i. Is it happening again ii. Could it?? (is social structure different enough now to effectively resolve issue) iii. Racial disparity in the justice system
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Unformatted text preview: 1. new hot button (or just fed up with problems) 2. are grievance systems failing a. are there other modes of expression b. historical roots of why its shown in this manner versus others??? iv. structural strain theory v. disparity theory IV. reasons for and against line of reasoning that this could mark beginning of “New Civil Rights Movement” a. cite sociological studies from before and contracts with current issues 1. background reasonings v. Present concisely finding of theories background info etc and own conclusion about if new civil rights or not and how much farther to go before gap is filled...
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