Lecture 1 Chp 1 - Lecture 1: Introduction Invitation to...

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Lecture 1: Introduction Invitation to Biology Chapter 1 Life’s Levels of Organization The world of life shows levels of organization, from the simple to the complex, which extend through: Cells (Cell is the basic unit of life; cells>tissues>organs>Organisms) Populations –>communities -> ecosystems ->the biosphere Molecules of Life All things are made up of the same units of matter: atoms, molecules Living things are made of up of a certain subset of molecules called- nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) The signature molecule of life –it is unique to each individual or organism Molecule of inheritance – responsible for passing on traits generation to generation Directs assembly of amino acids- to form precise enzymes with specific functions Heritability of DNA Inheritance: -Acquisition of traits by way of transmission of DNA from parent to offspring for countless generations Reproduction: -Mechanisms by which an organism produces offspring governed by instructions in DNA DNA Guides Development Development Transformation from fertilized egg to adult ( in mammals it occurs during gestation) Series of stages (Insects: Fertilized egg>larva>pupa> adult moth) Instructions for each stage are coded in DNA Energy Is the Basis of Metabolism Energy = Capacity to do work Metabolism = Reactions by which cells acquire and use energy to grow, survive, and reproduce Interdependencies among Organisms Producers: Make their own food (plants) Consumers: Depend on energy stored in tissues of producers (animals, humans)
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Lecture 1 Chp 1 - Lecture 1: Introduction Invitation to...

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