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Mila Bergschneider November 27, 2006 SOCI 3317 Term Paper Symbolic Interaction 1. Verizon Wireless Advertisement 2. Symbolic Interaction is defined as behavior that emerges from symbolic communication that takes place between people. 3. The situation occurs between two roommates 4. The commercial opens with one of the guys looking at the other and says, “You don’t give another man’s woman a foot massage and you don’t put her in your five”. The other guys tells him he is being ridiculous and the phone rings the ring tone is “Secret Lovers” and his friend says “I need to take this” (presumably the call is from his roommates girlfriend. The social identity of the boy friend of the girl is friend and roommate of the person. The social identity of the friend who has the girl in his “five” is symbolically also his friend in reality he and the other guy both know what is going on but they act like there is not a problem. 5. This is an example of Symbolic Interaction because the conversation they have is symbolic of the information that both men already know. The item they are both not overtly discussing is the change in relationship between the two friends as well as the intimate change between the unknown girlfriend and both men. Self-Awareness 1. USA Today November 11, 2006 “Elephants Possess Self Awareness” by Liz Szabo 2. Self-awareness is defined as the self we take as the object of our attention and focus our own appearance, action, and thoughts. 3. The social behavior was observed over a period of time during the research experiment at Bronx Zoo. 4. According to a recent study, elephants are one of the most self-aware animals. Elephants can recognize and discern between themselves and other elephants in mirrors. Previously this level of awareness was reserved for humans, apes, and dolphins. The relationship between the elephants themselves according to the article is a sophisticated society usually led by an older matriarch. This portion is important because it establishes elephants the ability of elephants to create not only social structures but acknowledges that they can discern the differences
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between each other thereby establishing at the very least a sense of self- awareness. 5. Given the earlier definition of the self as an identifiable object, the elephants also showed causal relationships in identifying themselves versus others signify that at least with respect to cognitive processes elephants do possess self-awareness. Whether this relationship speaks of the elephants ability to recognize merely its own appearance or actual self-awareness, can probably be inferred from its complex social structures, language, and society. The idea they possess self- awareness is not conclusively proven but given the rest of the information, known about elephants can be inferred probably that this is possible for its actions and thoughts to also be self-aware. Based on the idea that elephants are capable of
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Social%20Psychology%20Report[1] - Mila Bergschneider...

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