session 29 - Social Psychology session#29 Pro-social...

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Social Psychology session #29 Pro-social behavior Key Concepts * Helping behavior *More general term, includes doctors/carers/social workers … helping others * Pro-Social behavior *Actor tries to help another person, but is not motivated by the fulfillment of professional obligations *Must be intentional helping *PSB may be motivated by *Egoism (to benefit oneself), or *Altruism (ultimately to benefit someone else) *Or both! (Batson et al., 1981) * Altruism *more specific term: motivated by desire to benefit someone else, and not by self-interest *Helper’s motivation is characterised by perspective-taking and empathy Helping in Emergencies: When do people help? * * Helping (or not) depends on a series of decisions * A negative response at any step means that victim will not be helped 3 processes that prevent helping
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* Diffusion of responsibility * Increasing number of others present diffuses responsibility across the ‘audience’ * Pluralistic ignorance * High situational ambiguity elicits feelings of uncertainty in bystanders * Each bystander hesitates, they ‘model’ passivity for each other * We assume others see the event as harmless * Evaluation Apprehension ( EA) * Presence of others increases feelings of uneasiness, because they are observers of potential intervention * Interaction with self-efficacy * If we feel competent , EA increases helping * If we doubt our competence, EA decreases helping * Participant in a room completing a questionnaire * White smoke starts entering the room through a small air vent * What would the participant do? * Alone?
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session 29 - Social Psychology session#29 Pro-social...

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