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social unit 3. - Social Psychology session#25 Attraction...

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Social Psychology session #25 Today Determinants of Attraction Theories of Attraction Reinforcement Social Norm approach Investment Model Affiliation Determinant #1: Biological View *Evolutionary perspective *“Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve a continuation of the species.” * Novelist W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) *Gender: men look more for attractiveness, women look for resources (status, ambition, money) Evolutionary perspective *Counterpoint: *1. Why do women seem to prefer resources over attractiveness? *2. short-term strategies seem to be the same for both genders: attractiveness *3. self-reports don’t match actual data Determinants of Attraction * Proximity matters *We become friends with, date, marry, people who are nearby *“When I’m not near the one I love, I love the one I’m near.” *– Harburg, Finian’s Rainbow *Why? *mere exposure, interaction * Why interaction? * Familiarity (mere exposure) * Self-disclosure and trust * Social comparison * Reduces uncertainty
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* Valued and validated Determinants of Attraction * Physical attractiveness matters *We like and make more positive judgments about physically attractive people than unattractive people. *physical-attractiveness stereotype (“ halo effect” ) *High self-monitors care more than do low self-monitors Determinants of Attraction * Similarity matters *We like others who are similar to us. * happier, less divorce, less personality change over time
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social unit 3. - Social Psychology session#25 Attraction...

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