ENGL 1060H - Paper 2

ENGL 1060H - Paper 2 - Luke Lee S McCoy ENGL 1060H 16...

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Unformatted text preview: Luke Lee S. McCoy ENGL 1060H 16 October 2007 Title Goes Here Where do individuals of mixed descent fit into racially-divided societies? Is it possible that they cannot even manage to place themselves within the boundaries these societies pose? Both Chopin's “Désirée's Baby” and Watanna's “A Half Caste” present this problem as each piece analyzes the hardships multiracial persons faced in the late nineteenth century. In “Désirée's Baby,” Chopin presents a scenario in which a character deals with the probable issue that she may be of mixed descent, ultimately taking her and her child's life due to the negative connotations associated with her supposed background. Watanna's “ A Half Caste,” on the other hand, explores a character who actually is multiracial and conveys the prejudices she faces in a racially homogeneous Japan. While each story presents the topic of multiracial intolerance differently, both pieces share the common idea of isolation as an effect of being the progeny of various backgrounds. Thus, while Désirée of “ Désirée's Baby” found no other choice but to seperate herself from society by death, Okikusan of “A Half Caste” claims a niche as an outcast. Unable to connect either of their backgrounds, both Désirée and Okikusan seek isolation as a means of escaping the prejudices they face from their own people....
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ENGL 1060H - Paper 2 - Luke Lee S McCoy ENGL 1060H 16...

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