t2f04 - MAT 200 Test #2 Fall '04 This is a closed book...

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MAT 200 Test #2 – Fall ’04 This is a closed book test. No notes, books, or information stored in calculator memories may be used. Cheating will be punished severely. All of your work must be written on these pages and turned in. To receive full or partial credit on problems, you must show your step-by-step calculations starting with the relevant equations. Units must be shown and all plots must have labeled axes. Sketches must be clear and well labeled, and your writing must be legible. Be sure that you read and answer all parts of each question. Multiple choice questions are 2 points each: A_____1. If the grain size is increased a. the yield strength will be reduced b. the hardness will be increased c. the ductility will be decreased d. all of the above D______2. Slip generally occurs more easily in FCC than in BCC metals because a. there are not enough slip systems in BCC metals b. there are no close-packed planes in FCC metals c. there are no “touching” or close packed directions in BCC metals d. the critical resolved shear stress is lower in FCC metals than in BCC metals C_____3. The number of cycles a test specimen will survive at a given stress amplitiude is called the a. endurance limit b. fatigue strength c. fatigue life d. fatigue limit A_____4. The hardness test can be used to estimate a. the tensile strength b. the creep resistance c. Poisson's ratio d. all of the above D_____5. Which is an impact test ? a. Rockwell b. Vickers c. Brinell d. Charpy B_____6. The recrystallization temperature is lowered when a. the time at temperature is reduced b. the amount of cold working is increased
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t2f04 - MAT 200 Test #2 Fall '04 This is a closed book...

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