t2s107 - MSE 200 Test 2 ID number Answer all the questions...

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MSE 200 Test 2 ID number: Answer all the questions below showing your detailed procedure of calculations. Use the equations given at the end. Q1. From the following stress-strain diagrams identify or determine the numerical values of the following and provide the units for each quantity. ( 20 points) 1. The engineering stress-strain curve and the true stress-true strain curve. 2. Yield strength, close to 20 Ksi at 0.2% strain 3. Ultimate Tensile Strength, close to 25 Ksi 4. Fracture strength, close to 35 Ksi on True stress-true strain graph 5. Total plastic strain, 0.45 6. Engineering and true strain at necking, engng strain=0.25, true strain is ln(1.25) 7. Engineering and true stress at necking, UTS= 25 Ksi, True stress= 25(1+0.25) 8. Show the toughness of the material in the graph (not a value). Area under the graph. 1
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o C, show or determine numerically the following. Samples A and B are made of same material. (points: 20) 1. Three stages of creep in sample A: loagrthmic, steady state and rapid creep 2. Steady state creep strain rate in sample A and sample B. Sample A=0.001(0.0015-0.008)/(11-2) hour -1 Sample B=0.001(0.022-0.008)/(9-2) hour -1 3. Determine if sample A is subjected to creep at 600 or at 800 o C: 600oC 4. Determine the activation energy for creep in the material.Use result from question 2 and calculate ln(strain rate ratio between T2 and T1)=-(Q/k)[1/T2-1/T1). Knowing the strain rate ratio and temperatures, calculate Q. Remember Q is not negative 5. Total creep rupture life at 600 and 800 o C. 14000 hr and 11000 hr approximately. 2
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t2s107 - MSE 200 Test 2 ID number Answer all the questions...

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