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Trial marriage - Nguy ễn Hồng Quân-Anh 10 CTTT QTKDQT...

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Nguy ễn Hồng Quân -Anh 10 CTTT QTKDQT Writing Assignment OUTLINE TOPIC: Trial marriage INTRODUCTION: - General statement : introducing the topic: Trial Marriage - Specific statement: Expressing the disagreement BODY - Paragraph 1: Background knowledge : Huston’s study : reason for trial marriage - Paragraph 2 : Main idea: consequence of trial marriage: having a baby Supporting ideas For couple: psychological and financial problem, inexperience, drop out school, give up on their dreams For baby : badly taken care of, victim of broken relationship - Paragraph 3: Main idea: consequence of broken relationship for women Supporting ideas: disregarded by family society - Paragraph 4 : Main idea: consequence of broken relationship for men Supporting ideas Neglect responsibilities Immersed lifestyle Lack of commitment CONCLUSION: Restatement of the topic Personal opinion
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TRIAL MARIAGE IN STUDENTS It is quiet common these days in many modern and fast-growing cities, like Hanoi, that divorce rate is on a marked upward trend. Consequently, many a person, especially students, holds a view of cohabiting before marriage as a effective solution to that problem. I myself believe that it is not a good option.
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