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S c h l a c k | 1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section 48 Ms. Baldwin-Garcia September 12, 2007 Project One: Left-handedness Abstract This paper is a case study looking into the believed or theorized causes behind left-handedness and how being left handed can affect a person's daily life. Its purpose is to determine how people who are left-handed struggle in a right-handed world and to see the potential causes of left- handedness. The methods used are obtaining research from the various sources and interviewing a left-handed person on the difficulties of being left-handed. My results showed that left-handed people struggle to do simple tasks and that there is no exact reasoning behind why a person is left-handed. Introduction My younger brother is left-handed and he has had to struggle his whole life with doing things that right-handed people take for granted, such as handwriting a paper. He gets very frustrated when he is writing a paper because he ends up having lead or ink all over his hand since one writes from left to right. When he was younger, his first grade teacher in New York refused to teach him how to write because he was, in fact, left-handed and she was not, so she wrote him off with having a learning disability. When we moved down to North Carolina, he could barely write, luckily he had a wonderful teacher, who properly taught him how to write, even though she was right-handed. However, he had to be held back in second grade so that he could catch up
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S c h l a c k | 2 with the progress of the rest of the class and actually understand how to write properly. I believe if his teacher actually took the time to teach him how to write instead of brushing him off so fast with having a learning disability then he would not have struggled as much in life. People who are right-handed, I believe, are quicker to judge a person, who is left-handed than actually take
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project 1 - S chla ck |1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section...

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